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Kris Day, Retail Shop Manager/Mechanic

Kris Day grew up in the fields and woods of New England, hiking and climbing, sailing and riding from an early age. This love of the outdoors followed him to a degree in Outdoor Education and Community Building, encouraging others to get outside and engaged.

Ready for a shift and to focus on family, home and farm, he recently stepped down as Chief of an historic sailing vessel but will still occasionally get out sailing with students. He's excited to help fix up old bicycles to get folks out on the road and trail, feeling the wind on their faces, keeping themselves active, and doing something good for the environment. With plenty of experience as a mechanic, and more as a program leader and educator, it's a comfortable fit to manage the repair shop at the ReCyclery, working alongside people of all ages and backgrounds to move toward sustainable transportation and reuse.

When not on a bike about town or out on the water, he can be found in the fields and forest of the Peninsula, foraging mushrooms, working in the garden, or leading a pack of ducks across the land.

Aliina Lahti, Volunteer, Outreach, and Membership Manager, 
 I love to bike, I love talking about biking and I see  biking as the answer to all our worldly problems: environment, obesity, depression, community connections, road rage, etc. my list could go on forever. I could solve any worldly problem with the bicycle - just ask! Biking is fun. It makes me feel good in my body and mind. I'd gladly tell you more about bikes and how you can help the world by riding one!

 Nhatt Nichols, Programs Manager

After growing up with survivalist parents and horses in north-central Washington, Nhatt Nichols was coerced into re-learning how to ride a bike at age 18. She had little idea how much it would completely impact the course of her life, and shortly after being re-introduced to two wheels she took Bike Fix's mechanic class, and spent the next 15 years working as a mechanic, bike messenger, and enriching more lives by teaching others the fine art of bike fixing. From touring to BMX, track racing to mountain biking, there is very little she has not at least attempted to do on a bicycle and is very passionate about encouraging others to try riding every and anything that is possible on a bike.  Nhatt has her MA from the Royal Drawing School in London, and when she is not out riding she can be found in the studio or writing poetry.

Nick Favicchio, Shop Assistant/Mechanic
Nick is from Rhinebeck, NY.  He has been a custodian, a busboy, a waiter, a tutor, a van driver, a professional trail crew leader, a substitute teacher, a NABCEP certified photovoltaic installer/auditor/construction manager, a special education para-educator, a journeyman electrician and is now a bicycle mechanic.  He's lived in the Northwest since 2006 and has known LOVELY people in Port Townsend since 2007 and finally moved here for good 3 years ago with his wife Sarah.

Nick has an abiding passion for riding and fiddling with bicycles, particularly old ones with pretty lugs.  He cohabitates with a few bikes, but his main squeeze is a Motobecane his father bought new in 1976.  It's super extra pretty.

Zach Gayne

Zach is no longer new to Port Townsend, moving from Seattle more than a year ago, where he became committed to bicycle transportation and recreation as a lifestyle.  While in in the big city, he  earned a Masters of Education from Islandwood and the University of Washington.  In Seattle he worked for Tilth, managing a small farm access and training program.  He also spent some of his free time volunteering at Bike Works, which is a model for building community and educating youth about bicycle transportation.  Zach delights in re-using and re-purposing neglected bicycles and most anything else that might be headed for the landfill.  He strongly believes that bicycle transportation can allow one to form stronger connections with their human and natural communities, thereby inspiring stewardship, wonder, good health, and joy. Swing by the ReCyclery and you might have the pleasure to see Zach wrenching on bikes.

Kirstie Young, Bookkeeper

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