Kees Kolff, President

KeesKees and his wife Helen have been residents in Port Townsend since 1997. Kees graduated from Harvard with an MD and a Master's of Public Health. He served 2 years with the US Public Health service in Puerto Rico as an epidemiologist and then completed training in Pediatrics at the University of Washington.  For 17 years Kees was medical director of the SeaMar Community Health Centers, serving Hispanics, migrant and seasonal farm workers, refugees and other mostly low-income populations in Western Washington.

Since moving to Port Townsned Kees has served as president of Jefferson Land Trust, on City Council, and as Mayor. Most recently he was chair of the Jefferson County/Port Townsend Climate Action Committee and helped develop the newly adopted Climate Action Plan. He recently helped create and chair the newly formed East Jefferson Biomass Committee of the local Sierra Club. Kees and Helen co-founded and live in the Port Townsend EcoVillage,They live in smaller than average homes and share many resources like a shop, tools, gas cars, an electric car and a large community garden. They host workshops, have a small CSA, and welcome guests and new members. Kees is currently building a new "super-insulated" energy efficient home. The mission of the ReCyclery fits in perfectly with the sustainability goals shared by Kees, Helen, and their fellow EcoVillagers.

Karen Obermeyer, Vice President 
KarenKaren Obermeyer calls Jefferson county her home since 2004, when she moved with her family from Gunnison, Colorado. Karen has worked in Public Health since graduating from Michigan State University. Bikes were always a part of life growing up in a large family of avid riders. "To me, bikes have always meant: recreation, transportation and an opportunity for good times with friends." The Recyclery seems to share that philosophy. Karen has now teamed up with Chauncey to promote safe walking and biking in the Chimacum area. 

After watching several local teens benefit from The Recyclery's Build-a-Bike program, she is excited to see her own middle schooler participate. The Build-a-Bike program is a constructive use of time where kids volunteer, learn mechanical and problem solving skills, and value of building something themselves. The completed bike at the end of the program is icing on the cake. Karen has enjoyed joining the Middle School Mt. Bike team on Sunday rides.

Sarah Doyle, Secretary and Treasurer

SarahA Baltimore, Maryland native, Sarah grew up in an urban city that had poor infrastructure for bicyclists and a separation from the natural world. Through adventures in the wilderness, Sarah developed an intense desire to protect the natural world around her. She followed her passions to college, where she received a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology and spent a semester abroad, studying at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Sarah is currently the Stewardship Coordinator at the North Olympic Salmon Coalition, a non-profit salmon habitat restoration group based out of Port Hadlock. She coordinates tree plantings, writes grants and conducts scientific monitoring at restoration sites.

Sarah began frequenting the ReCyclery because she was attracted to the vibrant community that supports the organization as well as the wonderful volunteers and staff that exude energy and passion about bicycling. She is excited for the future of this organization and the future of bicycle ridership in Jefferson County. Sarah is hopeful that the work we do will inspire the next generation of bicyclists riding for everyday transportation in our town.

Richard Dandridge

RichardRichard  has lived in Pt Townsend since 2007.  In 2008 he retired from the UW School of Nursing, where he worked with the schools Distance Learning program.  Since moving to PT, Richard has devoted his time to  Citizen Activism, around the followinng issues, active transportation, climate change, community building, food and energy.  Richards main work takes place  with Local 2020 and it’s various Actions Groups, the joint City/County Climate Action Committee and the County Solid Waste Advisory Committee.  He rows and bicycles when not in meetings.

Tim Eaton 
TimTim grew up in the Santa Clara Valley of California and witnessed first hand, the severing of place and community, brought on by our addiction to the automobile.  An avid cyclist at an early age, led to an era of road racing with the Los Gatos Cycling Club.  He moved to Montana to study botany at the University of Montana, eventualy settling in Moscow, Idaho.  His passion for plants and ecological processes, manifested in a plant restoration nursery and later in a retail garden center.  He has lectured on many aspects of plant ecology and ecological design and considers embracing an eco- aesthetic, as one of the most important issues of our times. Tim believes cycling is not only a near perfect form of transportation, it is also loads of fun.  What other form of transportation, heals both body/soul and world.

Calvin Leckenby
CalvinWith a history of alternative nature-focused education, drawing and graphic design, mingled with a
love for nature, the seasons, being outdoors and laughing out loud, Calvin Leckenby takes bicycling very
seriously. In 2009 Calvin built his first fixed gear bicycle with The Recyclery at the age of 12. He’s since
used his talents in graphic design to raise funds for the non-profit by designing and selling bike-themed
holiday cards and greeting cards. Now, as a high-school student, Calvin plays soccer, the cello, babysits
and will be joining the mountain bike team, “The Killer Whales.”

Calvin appreciates living lightly on the earth – recycling, using body power and minimal lifestyles, small
mobile home design, and innovative personal approaches to solving the world’s sustainability issues.
He brings these hopes, experiences and gifts to his first position in community sustainability as a youth
representative to The Recyclery board of directors.

  Zach Gayne

ZachZach is new to Port Townsend, moving recently from Seattle, where he became committed to bicycle transportation and recreation as a lifestyle.  While in in the big city, he  earned a Masters of Education from Islandwood and the University of Washington.  In Seattle he worked for Tilth, managing a small farm access and training program.  He also spent some of his free time volunteering at Bike Works, which is a model for building community and educating youth about bicycle transportation.  Zach delights in re-using and re-purposing neglected bicycles and most anything else that might be headed for the landfill.  He strongly believes that bicycle transportation can allow one to form stronger connections with their human and natural communities, thereby inspiring stewardship, wonder, good health, and joy.

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